One of my happy spaces is participating in the Global Leadership Summit.

For over 25 years this conference has inspired those from business to worship leaders. They bring in world-class speakers to share their personal experiences, struggles, and moments of gratitude. And every time I’ve participated in this summit, I walk away with many wonderful nuggets that I love to share and teach in the weeks ahead. GLS takes place this time of year every year. I don’t know if the church leaders who started this program 25 years ago realized just how awesome this was for us rabbis in the middle of our sermon writing for the High Holy Days. And this year is just as inspiring as others!

The common thread this year is how each of us has been faced with the question; what is our life today?

This past year and a half has truly changed our world and our lives. In all of these challenges during this time, how do we experience life? How do we grow? Do we just try to run as fast as we can to get to the other side or do we walk through the moment of life that we are currently experiencing? We can’t run out or away, we have to go through life. We have to go through the moments and challenges that are before us.

This Sunday we mark the first of Elul, the month prior to the High Holy Days. This month is meant to be a time for personal reflection and taking stock of our lives over the past year. How have we been going through the year? While there are moments we might have wanted to run away from or out of, how have we moved through life?

Life is a journey and every day there are opportunities for us to grow from each and every experience.

Where is your happy space where you find inspiration? I look forward to sharing these spaces together as we prepare ourselves for the new year ahead.



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